Bigger, Better Marquis Models

Kingsman is rolling out new, reinvented models for the Solara, Capella, and Skyline units: The new Solara II ZCV3622 clean view unit features a viewing area 2.5″ taller than previous models, plus Traditional… Continue reading

NEW from Dimplex: Opti-V Aquarium

Introducing the newest member of the Opti-V family, the Aquarium! Experience the beauty and ambiance of an aquarium with none of the usual fish tank maintenance. The new Opti-V Aquarium uses LED technology… Continue reading

Electrolight Firestarters

If you’re looking for something to light your barbecue, fireplace, or fire pit, pick up the new ElectroLight. This convenient tool uses 1300°F temperature air to ignite, then fan the flames with its… Continue reading

Primo GO

The all-new Primo GO cradle and base for the Oval 200 allows for portability like you’ve never seen from Primo! Now you can grill on the 200 without needing a cart or table.… Continue reading

INTRODUCING Primo All-in-One Series

The same amazing grills, now with everything you need in one box. Each All-in-One includes a fully assembled grill, durable fold-down side shelves, grill cradle with locking casters, ash tool, and grate lifter.… Continue reading